Location: 1 The Esplande, Toronto, Ontario


NEW CONSTRUCTION:  36-storey Toronto landmark. In addition to durability and design, BILTEC’s Ventilated Façade System offers state-of-the-art energy efficient technology to this LEED certification candidate.


Location: 80 St. Clair Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario

FAÇADE RETROFIT:  80 St. Clair Avenue East, is a 28 storey residence rental building that has been retrofitted by employing BILDTEC’s Curtain Wall substructure system.  The project required that the original masonry brick cladding be removed due to years of deterioration.  The BILDTEC retrofit design allowed the Building's Owner to install a new, more effective Vapour Barrier as well as making the building more energy

efficient by installing insulation with the substructure cavity. Ventilated Rainscreen Façade System will provide a substantial increase to the value of the building, decreasing heating and cooling costs as well as the reduced need for long term repairs.



Location: 221 North Rivermede, Concord, Ontario,


FAÇADE RENEWAL AND RETROFIT : BILDTEC substructure systems was designed and engineered to utilize the existing brick masonry exterior walls.  The Client wanted to Renew and update the design of the building while maintaining the existing structure.


BILTEC’s innovative approach provided the Architect with the

design flexibility to achieve the desired Architectural Design that the Client wanted.  BILDTEC worked with the Architect and the Client to achieve a unique esthetic effect by providing three different cladding applications. One of the buildings striking features will be its backlit Solid Surface Facade. The unique cladding material allows for the creation of complex shapes of any type. Its malleability and flexible nature allows the Architect to give form to their imaginative ideas, whether it be curved, squared, spiral elements or infinite shapes.

The other two utilized BILDTEC’s Medium and Large Format porcelain stoneware substructure systems. 



Location: Chaplin Crescent, Toronto, Ontario


This house was built with sustainability in mind. BILDTEC’s Ventilated Rainscreen Facade System gives the exterior an upscale, modern appearance while working to reduce energy and save on heating/cooling costs.


With little need for maintenance, porcelain panels are quickly becoming a sought after material for private homeowners. The 

The exterior of this house will stay in pristine condition while debris washes away in rainfall.


Location: 220 George Street, Toronto, Ontario


BILDTEC’s Ventilated Rainscreen Facade is an integral part of the structure's innovative design. BILDTEC’s team worked with the Architect & Builder to design the integration of the various

façade systems with respect to securing the integrity of the total Building Envelope, which was maintained in order to ensure that there would be no water infiltration; as well as minimize the thermal leakage.

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1 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON

Exterior Procelain Panels provided and installed by Bildtec Building Systems Inc. Toronto Ontario, Canada