The Design Development process utilizes 3D CAD renderings and animation software, aiding in the initial phase of the project design concept.


Our comprehensive visualization capability allows clients to better understand BILDTEC’s proposed Substructure and Fastening solutions that would best meet their requirements, thus complementing our progressive approach to innovation and creativity.


Our Team understand the fundamentals of form and functionality. Their technical ability enables clients to gain a unique insight into suitable concepts for construction.  BILDTEC’s ability to

provide effective visualization drawings and modelling that represents the actual and final product is the starting point for converting the concept into reality.


In this phase of the Design Development, BILDTEC will have sufficient information of the structural elements and requirements of a project in order to provide a cost-effective estimate for the initial budgeting. This process is extremely advantageous for our clients and is one of the details that differentiate us from competitors.

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